Friday, November 4, 2016

The Most Unpredictable of Times

Hillary Clinton is indeed an "insider" who has navigated every "dick in power" worldwide to become thisclose to running the White House. She is brilliant, tough and driven (all qualities desired—if not demanded--in a president).

Secretary Clinton has proven herself committed to bettering the lives of average Americans because of her life’s work with the poor and middle class--even if she has to “mingle with the monied” to get the job done. She is also the one person who can "clean house to decimate the 'Old Boys' Club.'" In fact, the latter have played a huge part in flooding the internet with phony "voting videos" and "news sites" that have been created solely to incite, fear monger, and deliberately lie. It has also become obvious to many that largely meritless politically-motivated “legal inquiries” (e.g., “shemail”) have been devised to prevent her from shattering the glass ceiling because they know their days may be numbered.

It was the sheer volume of accusations that had me questioning: “Why the implausible overkill?” All who believe themselves astute and knowledgeable about politics, business/corporate dynamics, and “the way things work,” must realize that anyone held up to extreme scrutiny will never emerge “squeaky clean” every time. Would you? Under this level of scrutinization, you would likely be prosecuted for a parking ticket. But actual dates and timelines of these "planted facts" were inconsistent and contradicting. Regardless of your level of interest in the minutia of actual occurrences versus propaganda, facts do matter

Worldly and business savvy individuals know that circuitous deals are made everywhere in every corner of the universe to achieve an objective. (Ask the author of "The Art of the Deal," for whom this has been recorded as "routine"--yet somehow acceptable--without anywhere near the same level of scrutiny, or federal income tax responsibility.) 

Sadly, as has become common with "the art of the deflection," we are made to believe that everyone negotiates with the ultimate intention of acquiring wealth and power. In actuality, some begrudgingly make less optimal deals to achieve a far more altruistic result. It just goes to show you that some people can't even think in those terms. 

Nothing in this universe is one dimensional, cut and dry. Consider who has the goal of "attending to the greater good" versus one who is self-promoting a dynasty without a clue about what is needed to run this country but exalts in cultivating hate, violence, and anarchy.

The damage from the lies is largely done but before you cast your vote, think about two things: (1) How far has anger gotten you in life so far? and (2) Use common sense. It’s just you and your ballot. No one else will know your ultimate choice. 

For the record, it’s not that I’m in love with Hillary. I’ve just researched carefully and logically, deciphering the most convincing but phony newsfeeds. Extensive examination revealed them to be blatantly (often cruelly) inaccurate. While I too often feel anger at "the system," I know firsthand that her "opposition" has historically withheld payment for services provided by hardworking Americans in his employ without a thought as to the impact on their lives, businesses, and families (i.e., "true Americans" who support and believe in him, believing he is their savior)

By the way.... The one time I interviewed Hillary Clinton, she was more afraid of me than I ever was of her. Just sayin’.

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