Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blinders Off, Reality Goggles On

Metaphorically, those of us who despise President-Elect Trump's words, behaviors and methodologies during his campaign feel a "violation akin to rape" from the currently-apparent outcome of the election. Stop telling us to lie down, shut up, and "take it." That makes you an accomplice and as reprehensible as we believe him to be. He has successfully embedded a dangerous divide in this country and offers no constructive act, word or deed to repair it going forward.

Had a million demonstrators not been sitting on the White House lawn in 1969, Nixon would have continued his plan to nuke Vietnam (his pen was literally poised upon the documents to do so but when he saw the volume of protesters who didn't agree, he reneged).

Don't tell us our words, beliefs, and protestations have no place in the U.S. Those of us who love this country and the principles upon which it was founded know that our constructive actions can indeed make a difference.  In fact, many of us of a certain age successfully worked to implement changes in human and civil rights for the better. For me, it's been nearly five of the six decades I've been alive.

But now we feel like the slate is being wiped clean. That people who really care more about the greater good are insignificant when compared to greed and aggression. We hurt--not because we're "thin-skinned"--but because the message we're accepting and passing on to our children is that it's okay to bully, blatantly lie, and be cruel as long as you are victorious.

We do not protest because we did not win. We protest because 98% of Americans lose with this planned administration. Although we acknowledge your frustration with the status quo, we know most of us will be far unhappier with what appears to lie ahead.