Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grateful to Be A Weight Loss Surgery Success

I will spare you a long lengthy diatribe--although after careful review, it's not short. The intimate details of my weight loss surgery experiences are available by checking out my website and my weight loss surgery profile on Obesity Help. However, suffice to say:

Five years ago: I felt as though my life was over (but was optimistic)

Today: I feel as though my life has just begun.

I am 54 years old. I have never gained more than 10 lbs in five years--and that was all either water weight or hormone induced. (Mind you, I am documented as having gained and lost over half a ton up until then.) I still can't eat more than 12 oz in one sitting but do eat every 2-3 hours. A humongous red pear wiIl still fill me up so much that I can't finish it but I'm satisfied as all get out.

I eat fresh wholesome foods, whole grains, sugar-free and have become a gourmet, a cooking whiz and have even started canning (recently put up my own SF meat tomato sauce, SF cranberry sauce, SF cranberry jam, SF apple butter, etc) ... I make my own yogurt, my own SF granola, etc etc and love every second of it. Eat out rarely because I can either imitate or improve upon the sugar-salt-and-preservative-laden-fare.

I have not waivered over 135 lbs since the great Mirena disaster of 2006 (that put 10 hormone-filled pounds on my body that took months to eliminate and caused a 1"x3" benign tumor in my breast) and because my body still changes/firms from proper eating and physical activity (no plastic surgery), I appear thinner than ever. I'm just under 130 lbs now: Maintaining a 190 lb weight loss to date.

Life is not without its challenges. I am not perfect. Everything from job loss to loss of friends and family. My vitamins could be better; the autoimmune diseases persist. Yet there is an ebb and flow that reminds me life is for living not observing and even when I try to ride the wave, it pulls me in and demands my participation.

I am here to tell you that dreams ARE realized, persistence is key.

You matter. I matter. Believe it to your core.

Aspire - Perspire - Inspire ... or, if you like:

Make it happen!

Blessings to all of you... always!