Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Find YOUR All

Ultimately a hoax or not, Essena O'Neill's message rings true and there is much to be absorbed from what she says. Stop looking to others for approval and love yourself first. Everything else is secondary.

Attention from others is a blessing and allows for interaction; it should not be an expectation or become the way to satiate our (normal, intrinsic) need for validation.

I found the selfie thing to be a tedious exercise and my attention was so much better spent elsewhere. Although I am relieved to find out that even the most beautiful take dozens of photos before sharing "the right one," desperate cries for "look at me" only prove that you haven't accepted yourself.

Everything is an illusion; there is no such thing as "having it all." Not in the idealistic way most think. Hopefully we all eventually find our "sweet spot"--our version of "having it all"--and usually, it laughably defies any fantasy we ever initially envisioned. #FindYourAll

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