Friday, March 31, 2017

One Intuitive's Theory: A Stolen Presidency

Let's get it straight: I’m not saying there was tampering with every voting machine in America, as that was unnecessary. Ultimately a few states were targeted--as determined by Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart subscriber stats--to skew the Electoral College tally in Trump’s favor and support the concept of “disenfranchised pockets of America” to justify the win.

Very creative, very subversive, incredibly Bannonesque, with just the right amount of Putin. Sadly, more "doable" than one would think.

Can I, personally, prove it? Not really. But not only is it viable, the plethora of substantive information does support it.

Bannon isolated Trump at the get-go, feeding him ideas, concepts and tweets in "soundbites"--easily remembered and repeated. He continues to schedule pep rallies to build Trump's confidence every time he takes a hit, and finds a way to throw his competition for Trump's ear under the bus. Bannon is a fundamental cog who appears "untouchable"--metaphorically as invasive and deadly as cancer. What did he say after Trump's first public address to Congress that seemed to turn a corner from his vile rhetoric? "They bought it." The self-proclaimed "Darth Vader" truly relishes screwing with America and anything we hold dear (like freedom).

What was Trump’s payoff for running? Money. More international business contacts, promoting the “Trump brand,” writing off debts of historic proportions. He didn't realize he'd actually become president.  That was Bannon’s surprise--fulfilling his own well-documented goal of creating anarchy. 

Overall, I don't think any politicians expected the GOP win. That's why there is such rampant disorganization. All they know is they're in power and wielding it everywhere, without definitive purpose or goals--other than to eliminate eight years of "Liberal intrusion." Moving at a feverish pace because they know the "House of Cards" is likely to collapse at any moment. Whether it be by Executive Order or legislation, the insatiable dominate: Conservatives are happy, the rich are getting richer, and the powerful maintain control.

In the meantime, those of us trying to keep a roof over our heads and who embrace a diverse universe are paying the price for words without substance, chaos that pleases very rich, very miserable men (i.e., Trump & Bannon), and leaving the majority of Americans feeling “raped” by an America we no longer recognize. (I myself am a “survivor,” so I don’t take the word lightly but I am hard-pressed to find a more suitable descriptive.)